Monday, December 30, 2013

Year End

I am going to use the old cliche "the year went by so fast" because it really did. Granted the very beginning of the year was so what of a blur for me with a new baby and having to go back to work. I honestly can't even remember Christmas and New Years from 2012-2013. The fog has since cleared, most days and I an pretty sure I will remember this year (especially since I am documenting it). We had a good Christmas all around, nothing fancy but everyone was healthy and happy. Michael and I set a goal not to use our credit cards this year and did a good job with that. We let the boys know early that Santa would be only bringing them one NICE gift. They each thought hard about what they wanted and got just that. They also were very blessed to receive many wonderful gifts from their Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. Funny thing Nicolo said the day after Christmas. He got up and said that he thought Santa made a mistake, when I asked what he meant he said that he got more that one gift. I reminded him that Santa brought him his 3DS but the other gifts were from his family. He said, "Whew, I thought I was going to have to take it all back." We where blessed to have family close this year. Nana and Nonno are here and just around the corner. Aunt Rose and Uncle Dan are not far and they themselves had a baby. They now even have a cousin in CA, yeah! We even got Michael to come to Christmas Eve mass with us. We had a good Christmas.
DSC_9915.jpg DSC_9922.jpg

Santa was good to everyone, Carmela got a baby:


Nicolo got his 3DS:


And Francesco got his own tablet:


I got everything I wanted this year too. Healthy, happy kids! Now this coming year will do the same thing and fly by, but at least this time I will remember what happened! Happy New Year!~

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