Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tool Time

My boys love tools, especially Nicolò.  He will tell you that his favorite store is Lowes, if you ask why he will tell you because they sell tools and plants.  He is definitely my get your hands dirty kid and really likes to figure things out on his own.  Recently he went to his favorite store with his father and came back with a tool set.  When I asked Michael why he bought it he said that Nicolò picked up the set and would not put it down.  He said that he didn't feel like fighting about it?  This from the man who says that I buy too much for them.  Needless the say it was a good buy, he loves the set and spent a couple of hours playing with his tools.

My favorite part of the set is the little suspenders that came with it.  All dressed up in his tools stuff he really looks like my dad.  He likes building things so in that respect he is very much like my dad!

My mom will agree - that is my fathers face.


How cute are those suspenders?


How cute is this kid?!


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