Friday, December 27, 2013

My Photo is Complete

I haven't been taking a ton of photo's lately but I have taken a few. I am trying to get back into taking more pictures. I now know why each subsequent child has less photo's than the one before, the mom is just plain busier. There are plenty of times I pick up my camera with great intentions but have to put it down to referee a Bey Blade Battle or remove cat food from a toddlers mouth. I have though taken a few pictures of the 3 kids together and realized something yesterday when I was looking at the latest pictures. When I look at the photos of the 3 of them together there is this feeling of completeness. It's not that I don't love the pictures of my two boys together, but with Carmela in the middle it just looks and feels complete! DSC_9901.jpg I used to say that I always felt like there was someone missing at the dinner table, but she is here now and our table is full, and so is my heart!

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  1. Beautiful photo, Cara. I just wish that "full dinner table" of yours was back in PA. Miss you guys so much!