Thursday, October 1, 2015


I recently purchased a substrate called Voile.  It's 100% cotton, light weight, soft and drapes beautifully.  I knew right away I wanted to attempt the Bubble Dress  pattern I had purchased from StraightGrain.

I knew I was going to love this dress as soon as I had the pieces cut out.


This photo definitely does not do the dress justice.


But once I put it on her I still could not believe how cute it was.

Voila, a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress!


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Friday, September 18, 2015

Still At It

I am still making my way through new patterns and techniques.  I want to make so many things but it definitely takes time. I also get distracted and make mistakes, some mistakes work, some don't.

I was going to hold out till An over at StraightGrain released the Tinny dress and buy the 3 pack but I just couldn't wait.  I had this fabric from Fabric Worm, by Alison Glass, that I knew I wanted to make the Hanami Top top out of so I got that and the Bubble Dress dress pattern.

I put the tulip sleeves on backwards but only I know that- well  now you do too.


I also did the side seams before I put the zipper in, I manage to get it in but I am pretty sure it would have been much easier if I had follow the directions (I was distracted - I have 3 kids, and a husband).

Untitled Untitled


Overall I am really happy with the finished product.  I am in love with the fabric.

I am also excited to have the Bubble dress pattern.  I just purchased a fabric called Voile from Hawthorne Threads  and can not wait to make this dress.  The fabric is sooooo soft!

I am happy to be able to participate again this week in the Sew + Show

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's Always a Learning Process

So in recent months I decided to go outside my comfort zone of somewhat square blankets and sewing a fabric skirt on the bottom of clearance T-Shirts to making actual clothes.  Now, I am only making kids clothes, since there are no curve or darts required.  None the less, it has been such a learning process.

I have a new pattern for the Jaanu Dress by StraightGrain.  I love that there are two options and you can print out just the size you want by selecting just the correct layer.
My latest attempt was a zipper and actual sleeves.  After I had actually sewed the first sleeve on and to looked like a real sleeve I ran to show my husband.  He was not quite sure what all my excitement was about and his response was, "don't you need two?"

I can say that I was really apprehensive about taking this on, wasn't sure if I was really up to the task.  I am glad I did it though, learned a lot and got a cute dress out if it.

I decided on using a navy twill for the body and a yellow polka dot cotton for the bodice and sleeves.
I had cut out the fabric and reviewed the instructions (over and over again).


Here it is before the zipper and sleeves.


And now the zipper. I was so giddy when I finished and it actually zipped up.


In the end it came out great, I am pretty proud of the results. The dress is a little big on her, but that will give her some more time to wear it. I also might make another with the body one size smaller, the bodice fit nice.


I also made the bias tape to put on the hem.  Confession: first time I attached it I cut it to short, ended up taking it all off and starting over.  So glad I did too, the finish looks so much better than what I had with the first attempt.


I wasn't sure about the yellow polka dots at first, but now I really like the look.

She is such a ham.


She seems pretty happy too.


I am going to join in the Sew + Show again this week.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Hobby

I really wanted to participate in this week's Sew & Show, so I am going to jump in head first.  I bought an awesome pattern from Dana over at MADE and then learned an amazing technique by An over at StraightGrain.
This has by far been my favorite piece I have made.  Since the fabric came with the pattern along the sides I decided to split the bodice and put in the irregular pleats.  I also use the center of the fabric as the liner.

I purchased the fabric over at Fabricworm and the fabric is Alison Glass, Handcrafted 2, Plume Pewter

I love how it fits her and how cute she is in the top, I believe it is called a peplum tunic.  I just wish she was more willing to stand still and let me get a good picture.

See what others are sewing over at this weeks Sew & Show.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To See Them Shine

Francesco's second grade teacher told me that she thought Francesco would like to be part of the OLG Respect Life Kids Music Ministry. The kids go to various nursing home in the community and play their instruments for the residents. I thought that would be a great thing for him.

Once I connected with the gentleman that runs the program I found out it occurs every other Monday at 3:30 pm. Really, 3:30 pm, why so early. I thought I might be able to enlist my FIL in running him to these session but basketball started. Nicolo had practiced after school on Mondays and he could not be left at he school alone. I respectfully declined the participation till at least the end of Basketball season.

Well, Basketball came to an end and the gentleman told me about upcoming dates, and again the time was at 3:30 pm. Why?! Doesn't anyone work around here?

Then there was Baseball season and baseball practice, I was just about to respectfully decline (we are scheduled tight as it is already) when Francesco came to me and said, "I can't wait to go play for the medical place, what songs do you think I should play?" I knew right then and there I had to take him and make it work somehow.

I then thought, I would let him try it out and if he did not like it I would then respectfully decline. I went to work early, left early and got him there at 3:30 (argh!)

Nothing makes my heart swell and leak out my eyes more than watching my child do something he loves and enjoys. He was beaming ear to ear, enthusiastic about playing the piano and even kept finding more songs to play. He loved it, he shined like a star and I loved that. Needless to say, we are figuring out how to make it work, 3:30 pm, every other Monday.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture but the piano was huge!

The whole gang.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Love In One Photo

I take a ton of pictures with my camera and my phone. Sometimes I will take a picture in the moment and the next moment we are rushing to get ready for school and work. I usually then forget all about the photo.

Today I had to clean up my phone, since I ran out of memory, and came across some pictures that I even forget I took. This one stood out - the first thing that came to my mind was LOVE.

This is what Love looks likes in one photo.

Love in one photo

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Not Good Mood

I took the boys along with six other 6 year olds and their parents to a High School Football Game last Friday. This was to fulfill a Tiger Scout requirement and I wanted Francesco to experience the Marching Band. Things were going well until Francesco was dying of thirst and hunger and Nicolo was crying because he was not able to catch any swag the Cheerleaders were throwing.

I became very upset because the two of them would not settle down. We were all the way up in the bleacher and I was responsible to explain the game of football to the kids. While trying to do so all Francesco did was tell me he was hunger or thirsty, he was dying of thirst, he was starving. I feed him before the game and asked him to be patient since we were leaving after the halftime show. He still did not let up. Nicolo was crying and no matter what I said he would not let it go that he did not get anything from the cheerleaders. Again there was nothing I could do.

So on the way home we had a discussion about manners and respect. I told them I was disappointed in their behavior and that I had thought I had raised them better than that. Well, this did not sit well with Francesco and when we got home he went to his room. Then on his door he posted this:


I love the tear falling down on the frowning face. The next day he even asked me if I had seen the sign. He was making sure I was aware of his mood. I told him I was sorry he was in a bad mood but I was being honest about my feeling.

Another day goes by and we are in the Target shopping, a lady needed help reaching something from a shelf and Francesco jumped right in to help her. I pulled him aside and told him that was really nice and how proud I was of him for doing a such a nice thing. He turns to me and say, "see you did raise me better than you thought."

I love this kid!