Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oh, Nicolo!

Nicolo has been cracking me up lately. He is so different from Francesco it's almost scary. Last Thursday the boys were at their Grandparents after school. Francesco calls me at work around 3:30 and asks me to come get him. I ask if there is a problem and he says, "No, I just thought we could have a no electronic night and we could spend the time praying in the dark." (Just so you know he is preparing for him First Reconciliation at school so they are talking about examination of conscious, getting closer to God and the power of prayer) I ask him why and he says, "so we can feel closer to God, we could do up to 30 prayers." (not sure why the limit of 30) I of course say okay but I was at work and he would have to wait till I got home. I then asked to speak to his Nana and he says you should talk to Nicolo. I say, "Okay, put him on." Nicolo gets on the phone and doesn't even say hi, the first thing he says is, "I AM NOT PRAYING!" (in the back ground I can hear Francesco reminding him that is how you get closer to God) Nicolo says, "tomorrow is a stay home day and I am staying up late playing Minecraft, I am not praying!"


The boys were telling me about a Lego Ninjago series they were watching on Netflix's. Francesco was describing something about the fourth ninja getting to his full potential to have them all be able to create the Tornado of Life. Nicolo kept interrupting Francesco and telling him it was called the Tornado of Creation. They went back and fourth for a bit over the name of this Tornado. Then Francesco proceeds to tell me, "Once the fourth Ninja get to his full potential they can create this Tornado, Nicolo THINKS it the Tornado of Creation, but..." Francesco is cut off by Nicolo stating in a very matter of fact way, "I don't THINK, I KNOW it's the Tornado of Creation."  (In the end, he was right and if you know Francesco that didn't sit well with him) - I do love his conviction!


I was asking Nicolo about what he learned in school the other day and he went on and on about the science stuff.  I stopped him and asked did he learn anything about God and he said, yeah we talk about him all the time.  He tells me that the Bible was written a long time ago and all the people in there are dead but their souls are in heaven. Then tells me, "Do you know when you die your soul can go one of three places.  I am not sure what all the names are but Heaven is the first place and that is where the good ones go."  He then says to me, "I'm probably going to the second place since I've made a few bad choices." (I had to really contain myself from laughing because he was serious).  I asked him if he was talking about Purgatory, he said yeah, I just could remember the name.  I told him that when his time came I am pretty sure he will be going to Heaven.