Thursday, October 2, 2014

Not Good Mood

I took the boys along with six other 6 year olds and their parents to a High School Football Game last Friday. This was to fulfill a Tiger Scout requirement and I wanted Francesco to experience the Marching Band. Things were going well until Francesco was dying of thirst and hunger and Nicolo was crying because he was not able to catch any swag the Cheerleaders were throwing.

I became very upset because the two of them would not settle down. We were all the way up in the bleacher and I was responsible to explain the game of football to the kids. While trying to do so all Francesco did was tell me he was hunger or thirsty, he was dying of thirst, he was starving. I feed him before the game and asked him to be patient since we were leaving after the halftime show. He still did not let up. Nicolo was crying and no matter what I said he would not let it go that he did not get anything from the cheerleaders. Again there was nothing I could do.

So on the way home we had a discussion about manners and respect. I told them I was disappointed in their behavior and that I had thought I had raised them better than that. Well, this did not sit well with Francesco and when we got home he went to his room. Then on his door he posted this:


I love the tear falling down on the frowning face. The next day he even asked me if I had seen the sign. He was making sure I was aware of his mood. I told him I was sorry he was in a bad mood but I was being honest about my feeling.

Another day goes by and we are in the Target shopping, a lady needed help reaching something from a shelf and Francesco jumped right in to help her. I pulled him aside and told him that was really nice and how proud I was of him for doing a such a nice thing. He turns to me and say, "see you did raise me better than you thought."

I love this kid!