Monday, December 16, 2013

The Kids Were Here {1}

I like when I find evidence that my kids have been somewhere.  I am not talking about the gazillion Lego's on the front room floor that I asked them to pick up or the dirty laundry they left on the bathroom floor.  I am talking about the subtle clues they were there, like finding a pile of rocks carefully stacked under my bed or finding the stuffed animals all lined at attention behind the couch.

Just last night I walked in the front room (where all the Lego's are still on the floor) to lock the door and found this:

DSC_9878.jpg I love how I know right away that was Nicolo, he wanted Yoshi to see all the pictures in the digital frame. I recently found the frame getting out Christmas decorations so it's new to them. He was watching it himself the other day and fascinated by all the "old" pictures of him and Francesco. I can totally picture him carefully sitting Yoshi on the shelf and telling him to watch the photos as they change.

**Update - this morning Yoshi was no longer there. Nicolo had him and I asked why he took him off the shelf, he said "He was done seeing all the pictures."

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