Monday, February 24, 2014

Red 5 Standing By

I knew the time would come when my boys would be obsessed with Lego's but the icing on the cake is the obsession with Lego's and Star Wars.  I love them both so I am okay with it.  Two weeks ago Francesco's Nana got him a Lego Star Wars kit for the  Jedi Interceptor.  He spent a good 1 1/2 hours following the instructions and putting it together.  He was so proud of himself for that accomplishment.  Since then all he can talk about is the next kit he wants to get.  He would love the Death Star (I was astonished at the price) but also wants the Millennium Falcon and the X-wing Starfighter. He has asked me almost everyday to help him count the money in his coin banks so he could see how much he had and then could figure out how much he would need.

Finally on Sunday we counted, that boy had $41.97 in coins.  He knew right away that was not enough for the Millennium Falcon but he wanted to check the price of the X-Wing.  We looked it up and Target had it for $49.99.  He turns to me and say, "don't you owe me two dollars and eight cents for pulling up the trash cans?"  Man is he good at Math, I tell him I owe him a dollar but I will give him the extra $1.08 for being so good at Math.

After Mass we heading to Target, they had it and he would not let me put it in the cart, he had to carry it the whole time.  Then when we check out it was on sale for $41.95.  He paid for it, turned to me and said he did not need the $1.08 I was going to give him but that I still owed him a dollar.

Then came the building:


He was so focused on following the directions- I wish he would follow my directions the way he follows the Lego directions:


He was so cute, as we were close to finishing it (I helped as the piece assistant - I gathered the pieces for each step and he let me build one wing)he kept saying - "this is so cool, it's a dream come true." He is so proud of this that he is going to ask his teacher if he could bring it in to show the class. He is also already saving his coins for his next purchase. I can imagine they will only get bigger from here on out. May the force be with me.


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